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For 6 years, Rossetta has focused on light science, engineering, and design. Verified by Transparency, ensures every unit authenticity.

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Explore Space

Laika, the first dog ever to go into space, builds on a wish that can be fulfilled, using spaceflight as a vehicle for a love and desire for the mysteries of space.

“Jurassic” Dinosaur Eggs

Every era has a different way of living, across time and space. Stroll to the end of the world and illuminate the cosmic starry sky in your eyes.

Supporting the World Cup

Get fully immersed in World Cup with our Soccer Galaxy Projector . Reinvent your viewing experience with more colorful ambiance.

What They’re Saying

"If you are now looking to add ambience to a room in your home, then the Rossetta Galaxy Projector is a great choice."

"Getting my son to sleep at night was like taming a wild animal. With his Galaxy Lamp, he sleeps like a dream surrounded by stars. It' s incredible."

"Rossetta manages it, making smart lighting affordable and offering a variety of different creative lighting solutions. Enhance your viewing experience."